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Red Oak Studios, Mark's Private Recording Studio

Mark Needham offers his services both off-site and/or on site in Red Oak Studios, his private recording studio.

The moment you enter this incredible recording studio, you'll notice not only the abundance of state-of-the-art gear but also the architectural beauty and comfort this space has to offer.

Red Oak Studios, which opened in June 2016, is conveniently located in beautiful Griffith Park, Hollywood, CA., home to the famous Hollywood sign.

Mark Needham's private studio, Red Oak Studios
Red Oak Studios

Red Oak Studios, Private Recording Studio Gear

Red Oak Studios has a a custom dual Raven and avid s-6 control surface with a 3 card HDX Pro Tools system and 3 UAD Octo cards. 4 channels of Lavry Blue converters for outputs during tracking and 3 Avid 192 converters. 

See an extensive list of Mark's gear including gear used both in his private recording studio and for off-site services.