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About Mark Needham

  • Name as it appears on birth certificate:
    Mark Andrew Needham
  • Years in the Music Business:
    35 years
  • First Client:
    Kicking Mule Records
  • First (paying big name) Client:
    Taj Mahal
  • First Studio:
    Bear West Recording
  • First (big name) Studio:
    Fantasy Studios, Berkeley, CA
  • Other (big name) producers and engineers worked with:
    Erik Jacobsen, Rob Cavallo, T-Bone Burnett, John Golden, Fred Catero and Lee Hershberg
  • Mark's Gear; also see Mark's Latest Gear Press
  • Most essential piece of gear Mark owns:
    UAD Plugins
  • Top CD's Mark feels everyone should have in their music library:
    • Definitely Maybe, Oasis
    • London Calling, The Clash
    • Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols, The Sex Pistols
    • Nevermind, Nirvana
    • Rumors, Fleewood Mac
    • Revolver, The Beatles
    • Sticky Fingers, The Rolling Stones
  • Did you know?
  • Favorite drink: Tejava ice tea
  • If you are going to buy Mark a drink at a bar, he would prefer:
    A Kettle One Martini, dry with olives