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Mark Needham at the BIG SOUND Music Industry Summit & Showcase

Brisbane, Australia
September 2009

Panel: It's All About the Music: What is a "Hit" and What Makes One?

Its all about the hits! No matter what level you are in the music industry, fighting for that elusive hit is what we spend our time doing all day. For some of us its about having an underground smash, for some others its about selling platinum. Some of us cloak our egos by saying its just about getting your art out there. So what exactly is a hit and what is it that we're aspiring to in 2009s changed music industry? Is a hit dictated by art and quality, or is a hit something purely dictated by marketing? Our panel unpacks the keys to what makes a hit today, if that's the same as it was yesterday and whether the term has outlived its usefulness...

Other Panelists Included:

  • Van Dyke Parks: Artist
  • Dan Bessant: Channel V / Max / V2
  • Catherine Haridy: Catherine Haridy Management

Facilitated By: Simon Cahill: Bandroom Records / One Love

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*All photos taken by Stephen Booth