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Press 2005 Disaster's Mullins works his way back

December 3, 2005—By Regis Behe

The trio hit it off almost instantly, and found further good fortune when Mark Needham, who has worked with the Killers, Chris Isaak and Fleetwood Mac, approached Year Long Disaster and offered to work with the band after hearing a club gig.

MIX: Safeguarding Sonic Treasures

December 1, 2005—By George Petersen

Engineer/producer Mark Needham—whose credits range from Chris Isaak to The Killers, and Flipper to Fleetwood Mac—recently completed The Ballroom, his private facility built into a old ballroom in Hollywood. With a steady stream of label projects coming in, Needham needed a flexible network to serve his storage and backup needs.

Studio 880 Expands, Adds Label

November 15, 2005—By Pro Sound News Editors

Brad Kobylczak and Marco Martin recorded the band through Neve, API, and Avalon preamps to Pro Tools HD on the ICON mixer. Mark Needham mixed the album, and Lucasey is currently in the studio completing the final mixes for a spring 2006 release.

LAIST: LAist Band Interview: A Lover, Not a Fighter (Sometimes.)

October 21, 2005—By Josh Strike

The band's become an LA truck stop for road talent, including drummer/producer Mitch Marine of Dwight Yoakam's band, former Gram Parsons and Johnny Cash bassist Dave Roe, and engineer Mark Needham (who mixed the Killers, Fleetwood Mac and Paul Simon.)

MIX: Mark Needham Opens The Ballroom

October 4, 2005—By Mix Editors

Producer/engineer Mark Needham recently wrapped up The Killers' forthcoming live album and a new record for Edie Brickell; and also found time to open The Ballroom, his private recording facility in Hollywood.

SPL Mix Dream Becomes Reality for Mark Needham

September 27, 2005—By Pro Sound News Editors

SPL's MixDream summing mixer has found a home with engineer Mark Needham, whose current work spans from The Killers to Paul Simon.

Studio 880 Adds Icon, Goapele, The Killers Track in Studio A

February 10, 2005—By Pro Sound News Editors

... last month, Mark Needham came into the studio to engineer for a choir tracking session for a single for The Killers.


By Frank Goodman

Mark Needham is like the third producer. Jim and I would sit there and we'd come up with ideas, but Mark would translate everything. And then we would let Mark have free reign on what he wanted to do with stuff, most all the time, in the sense of mixing things together.

MIX: The Engineer and the Vocalist/ Mark Needham No Fixing in the Mix

August 1, 2003—By Maureen Droney

Engineer/producer Mark Needham spent much of last year engineering on Fleetwood Mac's latest, Say You Will.

MIX: Fleetwood Mac Is Back!

July 1, 2003—By Blair Jackson

On this evening in early May, (Lindsey) Buckingham is ensconced with engineer Mark Needham at Cornerstone Studios in Chatsworth.


June 1, 2003—By Lisa Roy

With Lindsey Buckingham handling the majority of the production chores and the sonic wizardry of Mark Needham, Say You Will became the first DVD-Audio disc to gain a simultaneous release with its corresponding CD.

MIX: Chris Isaak's Wicked Game

May 1, 2002—By Maureen Droney

Bay Area-based engineer Mark Needham has worked with Isaak on almost all of his records, as well as on the music for Showtime's The Chris Isaak Show.

ELECTRONIC MUSICIAN: Mysteries of Mixing

Apri1, 2001—By Brian Knave

San Francisco-based producer, mixer, and engineer Mark Needham, though best known for his work with Chris Isaak, has also mixed (and in some cases recorded and produced) platinum-sellers for Bruce Hornsby, Meredith Brooks, and Cake.