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Press 2009

Orange Pop: Stereofix cranks it up

November 17, 2009—By Kelli Skye Fadroski, The Orange County Register

Among the recipients: noted L.A. engineer Mark Needham, who has worked with the Killers, the Academy Is ..., Chris Isaak, Cake, Michelle Branch and Lindsey Buckingham. Needham liked what he heard, and worked out some sharper mixes for them.

TRANSFER New Album 'Future Selves' Out November 3rd

October 26, 2009—By Chris Gonda,

Engineered and mixed by bassist, Shaun Cornell with help from Mark Needham (The Killers), this record proves to be Transfer's most ambitious work that has the potential to get under peoples skins.

Sparks The Rescue European Tour w/ All American Rejects

October 21, 2009—By Willis, New Music

Debut album, Eyes To The Sun, produced by Jonathon Wyman and mixed by Mark Needham (The Killers, The Academy Is, My Chemical Romance), is skyrocketing to success since its release on May 5.

We Salute The Doors, Theory Of Flight And Vince Neil

October 13, 2009—By Robin Leach, Vegas

Famed L.A. record producer and engineer Mark Needham, with a mile-long resume with Fleetwood Mac, The Killers and Chris Isaak, has perfected five EP tracks and is mixing seven new tracks for the album, including the powerful love song "Next to You" that will be the single being played on rock stations coast to coast.

Fame 'Within Reach' for Theory of Flight

October 9, 2009—By April Corbin, The Las Vegas Sun

Earlier this summer, the band shot a video for their single, "Set the Night on Fire." They also teamed up with Mark Needham, the famed producer who has worked with My Chemical Romance, Fleetwood Mac and Vegas-success story The Killers.

Charlotte Back in the Spotlight

October 9, 2009—By Gemma Peplow, This is

So, first of all, The Screening, who have this year been working with hip LA producer Mark Needham (The Killers, We Are Scientists, Fleetwood Mac) and have changed their sound over the past few months.

Theory of Flight: Within Reach

October 7, 2009—By Pj Perez, The Las Vegas Weekly

Filled with pop hooks and yearning melodies engineered by The Killers' fader-tweaker Mark Needham, Within Reach is as radio-ready a disc as any independent band could hope.

Palenke Soultribe raves with electronic beats

October 7, 2009—By Emma Lynch, La Voz Nueva

Mixed by Mark Needham, famous engineer who has worked with The Killers and Fleetwood Mac, Palenke Soultribe's unique rhythms and instrument usage is portrayed well.

Friday nights "Let It Roll"

October 2, 2009—By Kara A. Medalis, WWE Tunes

"It seems like it's a perfect fit. It's great," said the song's producer, Mark Needham, a Los Angeles-based music industry veteran. "We were really excited about the song and we hoped we could find a home for it."

Amanda Rogers

September 2, 2009—By Paula Jean West,

Amanda worked with five, individually incredible, artists to create Heartwoood. Mixing was done by Mark Needham (The Killers, Fleetwood Mac, and My Chemical Romance).

Montreal's The Mission District to launch new album this fall

July 29, 2009—By Pat White,

The Mission District set about recording their upcoming debut album "Youth Games" with producer Andy Green (Keane, Go: Audio, The Feeling) and mixer Mark Needham (Metro Station, The Killers).

Christmas Back Where He Belongs

July 28, 2009—By Voxy News Engine,

Mutate or Die was recorded at "several secret locations", produced by Hunters and Collectors' Barry Palmer in Australia and mastered and remixed by Mark Needham (Fleetwood Mac/The Killers) in Los Angeles.

The Mission District (No 583)

July 13, 2009—By Paul Lester, News and Media

The two studio types hired to work on their debut album Youth Games — Andy Green and mixer Mark Needham (Metro Station, the Killers)— have given them the airbrushed exuberance of their lite-metal peers, and if there are, after all this, no screaming girls at the gig tonight, we will be very angry indeed.

Who Do You Trust?

June 26, 2009—By Nils van der Linden,

A pensive duet delicately produced by Darryl Torr and impeccably mixed by Killers collaborator Mark Needham so that Savage and Breetzke's voices entwine in an intricate dance, even its quiet tenderness is more powerful than anything on the band's debut.

CD review: Cassette - Who do you trust?

May 27, 2009—By Theresa Smith, Tonight & Independent Online

It's a seriously well-constructed offering. No wonder, since it was produced by Darryl Torr and then mixed by Mark Needham (the sound engineer behind award-winning songs such as Fleetwood Mac's Say You Will and a string of hits from Chris Isaak).

Interview: Cassette

May 20, 2009—By Karyn Paul, KZN Entertainment News & Reviews

On asking Jon what Cassette's highlights have been so far, he replied that there were so many. Narrowing it down these came to mind: meeting with Mandela at the 46664 concert; opening for Pink; touring in Japan; working with Mark Needham (who has collaborated with The Killers, Bloc Party & My Chemical Romance) and playing football with Snow Patrol.

Trust In the Future

March 28, 2009—By Joanne O, Entertainment Reporter, The Times South Africa

It didn't hurt, either, to get the help of legendary industry man Mark Needham. "He's worked with My Chemical Romance and Bloc Party and is basically one of the best mixers in the world," Savage gloats.

Sparks The Rescue is set to release their debut "Eyes To The Sun"

March 17, 2009—

"Eyes To The Sun" is produced by Jonathan Wyman and mixed by Mark Needham (The Killers, Metro Station, Mayday Parade), it will feature remixed tracks in addition to three never before heard songs.

Innerpartysystem: Keeping It Real

February 10, 2009—By Rob Patterson, Broadcast Music, Inc./

And that's still where the creation of the music begins and is centered, even while they worked with top producers including Mark Needham and Alan Moulder on the album that followed.

The Library Ready Self-Titled EP, West Coast Tour

January 28, 2009—By Plug In Music Staff,

Their EP, produced by Robert Shahnazarian, Jr. and mixed by Mark Needham (The Killers, Fleetwood Mac).

Cassette: "Who do you trust?"

January 27, 2009—By staff reporter,

"When Mark Needham (the guys who is most famous for his work with the Killers and Chris Isaak) got attached, we knew we were onto something big," admits Savage. The final piece in the puzzle was Needham. "The guy is an international legend!" Savage rejoices. "He added so much to the mix! He has loads of Grammy nominations."