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Press 2010

(part 1) Time to Burn?

December 28 2010—By Rob Hughes, Audio Pro International

Interview: Producer and engineer, Mark Needham.

Needham talks about hits that take months and quick mixes that sell millions.

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(part 2) Strictly Come Mixing

December 28 2010—By Rob Hughes, Audio Pro International

Mark Needham is a jack of all recording trades: a producer, engineer and mixer with an impressive four decades of experience in the studio. After graduating from school at the age of 16, Needham headed to San Francisco with his guitar teacher to establish the Blue Bear School of Music in the early seventies.

Mayday Parade at The Regency Ballroom

November 12, 2010—By San Francisco Performing Arts Events Editors for the San Francisco Chronicle,

In January and February of 2007 the band entered the studio with producers Zack Odom and Kenneth Mount and the tracks were mixed by Mark Needham (My Chemical Romance, The Academy Is). The new record, entitled "A Lesson in Romantics," showcases the bands maturity and growth.

Keywest showcasing in LA

November 3, 2010—By Alex Wilhelm, Crazed Hits

The band is currently working with Grammy nominated Mark Needham, Charlie Midnight (Joe Cocker) and Aaron Kamin (The Calling).

The Screening Look Better in the Dark

September 29, 2010—By Gary K., The Music Fix

"You Look Much Better" saw The Screening work with world-renowned producer Mark Needham (We Are Scientists, Bloc Party, The Killers). The band will head out to LA once more to work alongside him and finish off their debut album, "We'd All Better Learn How To Swim" expected in March 2011.

Stone Parade To Release Second Album

September 12, 2010—By Tim Cashmere,

Sydney's Stone Parade are planning the release of their second album, mixed by Mark Needham (The Killers).

KROQ Locals Only Spotlight: Stereofix

September 10, 2010—By Cody Black/Blackout,

These guys (Stereofix) put in the time though and worked with Mark Needham, who's previously worked with My Chemical Romance and The Killers, to put together their debut EP The Warning Sign.

Unplugged, Uncensored, An Unbelievably Good Time

September 9, 2010—By Amanda Sieradzki, The Minaret

Currently, (Natalie) Gelman is working on a new CD coming out in 2011 with producers Mark Needham and Charlie Midnight.

Young Gifted Musician is in a League with the Stars

September 1, 2010—By Jen Nash, All Media

Singer, songwriter and music producer, Robert Shields has recorded at Capitol Studios in LA with producer Mark Needham who previously worked with The Killers, Fleetwood Mac and Bloc Party.

The Vettes Populate 'Plasticville' with Modern Pop and a Lil Wayne Appeal

August 26, 2010—By Keith Spera, The Times-Picayune

Money saved by recording at home was spent hiring Mark Needham to mix the tracks. Needham's credits range from Fleetwood Mac to Chris Isaak to the Killers.

"He gets what we’re trying to do," (Rachel) Vette said. "What he does to a song is like night and day. The chorus of 'Walk Like Models' sounds like a party when it hits."

Keywest set to shine at Monroe's Live

August 12, 2010—By Trevor Quinn, The Galway Advertiser

The group are now setting their sights on international recognition and are currently finishing off their debut album Messages From God with legendary producer Mark Needham in Los Angeles. Needham has worked with The Killers, Fleetwood Mac, My Chemical Romance and Metro Station.

Studio at the Palms'
Zoe Thrall shares new model of music development

July 27, 2010—By Zoe Thrall, guest columnist for

He was teamed up with producer Mark Needham, who has worked with The Killers, Fleetwood Mac and many others. Seasoned session musicians including Chris Chaney, Dave Palmer, Robin DiMaggio and Eric Schermerhorn were brought in, and the result is the eight-song EP In My Own Words.

Jump Jump Dance Dance - Modern Eyes

June 24, 2010—By DJ Cal, Salacious

The duo's fascination with melding genres carried over to the recording process for their debut LP, which saw them recruit heavyweight US producer/mixers Dave Sardy and Mark Needham (The Killers, Bloc Party, 3OH!3), as well as Australian dance industry veteran Sameer Sengupta...

The Media Mogul's Ditties

June 16, 2010—By Laura M. Holson, The New York Times

Songs from Jim Dolan's album "Daily News Blues" produced and mixed by Mark Needham.

Band to Release First Album on New Label

June 3, 2010—By Gemma Peplow, This is

The band created the album with the help of legendary producer Mark Needham, who has worked with big-name acts such as The Killers, We Are Scientists and Bloc Party.

Bodega: three hot new bands

May 18, 2010—By Lindsay Shelton, The Wellington Scoop

May 2010 sees a brand new single, 'Lazy', mixed by LA based Mark Needham (The Killers), and is the first track taken from the bands forthcoming album scheduled for release in NZ & Australia in September 2010.

Hlookoff to record with Needham

May 10, 2010—By Karen Bliss, JAM! Music

Vancouver singer, pianist and guitarist Shawn Hlookoff will begin recording his debut album for EMI Music Canada May 16 in Los Angeles with producer Mark Needham, who has worked as a mix engineer for The Killers, Blondie, Metro Station, Chris Isaak, Cobra Starship, and many more.

"Mark came highly recommended by Steven Melrose at Capitol in America. I like that he brings diversity and has worked with artists with strong visions. His sound has personality."

Local band beats popular acts at OC Music Awards

April 14, 2010—By Cameron Harp, The Daily Titan

Stereofix released their first album "Warning Sign" in the summer of 2008 with the help of engineer Mark Needham, who has worked with The Academy Is ..., The Killers, Cake, Chris Isaak, Lindsey Buckingham and Michelle Branch.

The Burning Hotels

April 11, 2010—By Neil van Zyl, Mirovia Magazine

Novels was mixed by Mark Needham (the Killers, Bloc Party), How cool is that?
Mark is a genius at what he does. We were very lucky to have him mix our record; we actually met face to face at SXSW. Very cool guy.

Local Artist Spotlight - Stereofix

March 24, 2010—By Amy Hood, The OC Gazette

With the help of producers/engineers Mark Needham (The Killers and My Chemical Romance) and Joe Zook, Stereofix put out their latest EP, "The Warning Sign."

Jump Jump Dance Dance Gear Up For Debut Single Release In Australia

February 24, 2010—By Daniel Clarke, Music

The band worked with US heavyweight mixers Dave Sardy and Mark Needham (The Killers, Bloc Party, 3OH!3) along with Australian dance industry veteran Sameer Sengupta to produce a record that is both equal parts electro-dance and the future of indie rock.

The BLVD Returns Home

February 19, 2010—By Ariel Schwartz, NBC Bay

We spent 30, 12-hour days in the studio with Jeff Saltzman before he sent the record off to his partner in LA, Mark Needham. It's a big step for us to have that kind of production quality. We're really excited to put it out.

Aerodrone Interview

February 19, 2010—By Mike McDougal, Lush Beat

Then we hooked up with Mark Needham who is the producer for The Killers and innerpartysystem and ended up mixing some tracks with him.