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Press 2015

Singer-Songwriter Chris Isaak LIVE

By Alex Miranda, The Huffington Post—December 8, 2015

"...and I worked with Mark Needham (on this album). Mark's a genius. I've worked with him for 30 years, he's the professional and I'm the amateur in the room, always."

After The Session with Christian Cummings-Episode One: Mark Needham

By—November 18, 2015

From Fleetwood Mac to The Killers, Mark Needham has had a storied career in the recording studio. We discuss his move from hybrid to all digital, working with The Killers, Chris Issak, Pete Yorn & Steve Miller, crazy studio stories and some of his favorite plugins.

Chris Isaak on "First Comes the Night" & How Stevie Nicks Convinced Him to Record in Nashville

By Melinda Newman,—November 16, 2015

In addition to working with his longtime producer Mark Needham in Los Angeles on the Vanguard Records release, Isaak upped his already considerable twang factor by traveling to Nashville.

Chris Isaak Takes a Turn to Nashville

By Blair Jackson, Mix Magazine—November 9, 2015

If there’s a twist to First Comes the Night, it is that it was recorded partially in Nashville with the remaining songs tracked with his longtime recording associate in L.A., Mark Needham, who’s worked with Isaak since 1988’s Heart Shaped World, on which his biggest hit, “Wicked Game,” first appeared.

First Listen: Chris Isaak, "First Comes The Night"

By Ann Powers, NPR—November 4, 2015

For First Comes The Night, his 13th studio album, Isaak rounded out the Southern sessions with his regular band and producer Mark Needham.

LYKA Features - Spirit Animal

By Justine Suzuki, LYKA Los Angeles—October 8, 2015

Steve (Cooper, vocals): The record deal was pretty sweet. And really lately, who we’ve been working with has been amazing. We mixed with this guy Mark Needham whose track record is bananas - he’s just like the guy.

Chris Isaak Announces "First Comes the Night" Album Release Date

By Rebecca Murray,—August 27, 2015

The upcoming album (First Comes the Night, Chris Isaak's 13th studio album) will feature 12 new songs recorded in LA and Nashville with Paul Worley, Dave Cobb, and Mark Needham producing.

Isaak comes out with new CD in November

Jeffrey B. Remz,—August 27, 2015

"First Comes the Night" will be produced by Paul Worley (Dixie Chicks, Lady Antebellum), Dave Cobb (Jason Isbell) and longtime Isaak collaborator Mark Needham and be out on Vanguard Records on Nov. 13.

Nashville’s Five Knives are the explosive soundtrack to pop’s apocalypse

By David Ferguson,—June 12, 2015

How does an idea go from a demo to one of the tracks on your album (Savages)?

A lot of our songs, before we even put them on the album, were releasable. We had [Producer] Mark [Needham] come in and he added this awesome sound to it.

It was awesome because whenever Anna got in with Mark she already had the songs down because we had done it a million times.

One reason we went with Mark was because he was like, “Look, I’m not an EDM producer.” He mixes rock bands. So he kept an edge to it. He didn’t over autotune. He kept everything where it could go, top 40. And it could play on alternative radio at the same time.

Watch Five Knives’ Exclusive Debut Album Sampler

By Chris Parkin, Red Bull Records—June 2, 2015

Question: Mark Needham has mixed Imagine Dragons, The Killers, Shakira and P!nk; how did he react to hearing your crazy EDM-rock gumbo?
Answer: I think he (Mark) enjoyed the challenge because he’s used to working with regular rock bands, but it was new territory for all of us and I’m just glad it came out so cohesive.

Cheerleader brings it on with its rousing debut, "The Sunshine of Your Youth"

By Sam Gnerre, The Los Angeles Daily News—May 11, 2015

(Track) "The Sunshine of Your Youth," from Cheerleader's debut album, scratches all kinds of itches. "On Your Side," comes close to topping it. Producer Mark Needham and the band fashioned a booming wall of sound, a mix of guitars and synthesizers that shakes your foundation without obscuring Haller's dewy tenor and Chris Duran's blissful guitar jangling.

Cheerleader Smile Through the Haze on "Sunshine of Your Youth"

By Caitlin Gallagher, Spin Media—May 11, 2015

Cheerleader, a Philly haze-pop outfit, are releasing their debut album, The Sunshine of Your Youth. The LP, which comes produced courtesy of Mark Needham (the Killers, Bloc Party), showcases a series of fizzy, blurry-eyed tracks.

Five Knives to release debut, FVKNVS

On Tour Monthly—March 5, 2015

Electronic-pop band Five Knives will release their debut album, FVKNVS, on May 19 via Red Bull Records. The new album, produced by Mark Needham (The Killers, Imagine Dragons), contains 13 tracks of bombastic, heart-skipping raw electronic bursts wrapped in pop hooks, all delivered with with the power and energy of a live band.

Catching Up With Gemini Club

Iindy Cindie—February 17, 2015

This is the first time that we haven’t mixed our own EP. We had Mark Needham, who’s a successful mix engineer. He did The Killers and all kinds of stuff. He mixed the whole thing, so if any of your listeners came to us through ‘Sparklers’, you can kind of expect that same kind of sound: loud and brash. It’s mixed like a rock record. Pretty excited for that. We’re really proud of the writing, proud of the mix, and looking forward to putting it out.

EXCLUSIVE RZA & Faulkner–NY Anthem (Wu Tang Slang Version)

The Source—January 6, 2015

While many groups feign mystery as an element of intrigue, Faulkner embodies the name of their debut album "Street Axioms". Their track "I'm Stoned" was a viral sensation on soundcloud before creating a melange of hits with Producers Mark Needham, (The Killers) and JP Bowersock.