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Mark Needham - Gear PR

Sennheiser Group Brings Audio Galore To The 2024 NAMM Show

January 2024

The anticipation is building for this year’s NAMM Show as the Sennheiser Group prepares to showcase its latest audio innovations. On January 26, 2024, 4 – 5 PM: An Interview with Mark Needham: Handling the Complexities of Today’s Music Production with Mark Needham, Mix Engineer & Jimmy Landry, Category Market Manager, Sennheiser.

Baby Audio Taip: An AI powered tape saturation plugin

September 2021

Baby Audio have released TAIP, a tape saturation plugin that utilises AI-powered algorithm and features presets designed by industry leading engineers including Max Jaeger and Mark Needham.

Sonarworks Announces Sale on Individually Calibrated Headphones

May 2020

Reference 4 has been embraced by music creators at all levels, from Grammy-winning mix engineers like Mark Needham and Ariel Burojow, to artists and audio engineering students at higher-ed institutions. Using Reference 4 along with individually calibrated headphones improves accuracy even further...

Latvian startups are changing the way music sounds

July 2019

Sonarworks’ sound calibration system is used and recommended by 11-time Grammy nominee Mark Needham who’s worked with Pink, Shakira, Elton John, and other big-name music stars.

A Tale of Two Cities: Multi-Platinum Producer / Engineer Mark Needham Balances Mixing Work — and Monitoring — Between Los Angeles and Nashville

July 2018

Sonarworks remains an indispensable tool for Needham, who maintains a world-class monitoring infrastructure at each studio.

Ask The Pros: Oldest Piece of Gear

April 2017

pureMix: We asked ten pureMix mentors "What is the oldest piece of gear in your studio and what's the history behind it?"

Mark Needham: It is an early Fairchild mobile studio, one mic pre with a tone control and an output to a cutting lathe to record direct to disc. I still use it sometimes but try to save the tubes. I think I first used it on either Cake or Marc Eitzel. Pretty cool!!!

Ask The Pros: First Piece Of Pro Gear

January 2017

pureMix: We asked eight A-list engineers "What was the first "pro" piece of gear you bought and how did it change your life?"

Mark Needham: My first piece of pro gear is hard to nail down, but I believe it was my 24 track machine. We bought an old 2” video deck and made it into a 24 track analog machine. It was a lot of work but I recorded a lot of albums on it. My VERY first piece of recording gear was a four channel Altec mixer, A U87 and a Sony 2 track that I used to record a bunch of bluegrass records.

Soundtoys@AES 2016 Interview with Mark Needham

October 2016

Mark's interview at the AES 2016 Soundtoys booth talking about products and projects.

Top Mixer Mark Needham Talks About His Dual Slate RAVEN MTX

September 2016

Slate went to Red Oak Studios recently to talk to top mixer Mark Needham, and to see his awesome new custom dual RAVEN MTX console. Come see the man behind the sound of Imagine Dragons, Chris Isaak and The Killers explain why he has relied on RAVEN since the day it was released, and check out his killer studio setup.

How To Mix A Platinum Selling Record-Mark Needham on pureMix Mixing Imagine Dragons

August 2016

Mark Needham is a Grammy nominated and multi-platinum mix engineer who has a track record for not only mixing hit records but also working early in the careers of artist such as Fleetwood Mac, The Killers, and Imagine Dragons. See how he uses his custom presets and a creative workflow to quickly set up an effortless mix of a massive session with layer upon layer of production. "It's Time" by Imagine Dragons is certified 3x RIAA platinum and was the band's first Billboard Top 40 single.

Needham Mics Newsboys With Manley

November 2015

Engineer and producer Mark Needham recently got his hands on Manley Reference mics, using them on a project with Newsboys at his L.A. studio, The Ballroom

Solutions - Mark Needham: A mixer, like his new Slate Pro Audio Raven MTX console, covers all the bases PDF

January 2014

Mark Needham figured out a long time ago that it's not just about the gear. Needham has been working as an engineer, mixer, educator, producer and studio owner for the better part of the last four decades.

Toontrack Artist: Mark Needham, Producer

June 2010

What is your relation to electronic drums? I build tracks with a combination of several different drum and percussion sources.

Is there anything you would like to pass on to the visitors? I love the sound and feel of this program. I have several and it is my go to drum program now.


April 2008

Mark Needham knows how to make mixes that get noticed. Working out of his analog-minded Los Angeles headquarters known as The Ballroom Studios, his distinctly musical touch is in high demand as he finishes off mixing new albums for Chris Isaak and Island recording artists The 88.

STUDIOEXPRESSO: Las Vegas Pro Audio Lists Elite Customers

February 2005

Over the course of two decades as an engineer and mixer, Mark Needham has worked with a wide variety of acts, including rockers such as Chris Isaak (eight albums), Bruce Hornsby, Cake and the Red House Painters, blues legend Charles Brown, and jazz greats Pharoah Sanders, Nat Adderley and Cedar Walton. For more go to the Talkback section of the newsletter.

SPL GEAR: Mark Needham - Recording engineer, mixer, producer

Mark's most recent project is the new Fleetwood Mac double album (scheduled for release in 2003). His music credits include Elton John, Cake, Simon Says, Red House Painters and virtually every Chris Isaak project to date.


Los Angles, California: Mark Needham, a recording engineer, mixer and producer with nearly 30 years experience in the studio, never goes anywhere without his GML 8200 parametric equalizers.


Getting the mix together for Fleetwood Mac's new recording are (left to right): Brad Lunde, president, Transamerica Audio Group; Mark Needham, independent engineer and mixer; and Les Camacho, in-house engineer, Cornerstone Studios, Chatsworth, California.