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Client Testimonials — See What Mark's Clients Are Saying

Mark Needham has been working in the music business for over 35 years and has developed long lasting, professional relationships with his clients. We've asked a few of Mark's clients to share their experience working with Mark...

I love working with Mark for a number of reasons. First, he's an extremely gifted, skillful engineer who always brings a wonderful sense of musicality, knowledge and focus into the studio. He's also a team player, which compliments my own sense of specificity and helps to nurture a potent creative environment. Lastly, I've known Mark for a long time, and have always had regard for the integrity and dignity he applies to both his work and his life.Always a pleasure!

Lindsey BuckinghamMusician, singer, songwriter, and producer

I can't stress enough how great it was to finally work with Mark (Needham). His mixes sound glorious and made me drive faster than I should have. That's a good thing!

David Wolter Executive Vice President, Virgin Records

I really didn't want to give a quote because Mark (Needham) is my secret weapon. His mixes are consistently top notch. He's artist friendly, and works his ass off to get best performances out of people.

Rob StevensonExecutive Vice President A&R, Universal Republic Records

Aside from being a great guy, Mark (Needham) is a total pro who consistently works magic behind the board. Mark is able to translate virtually any idea or suggestion quickly and effectively—anytime he's available for one of my artists, I use him. He's top notch.

Michael Howe A&R Executive, Downtown Records

Mark (Needham) is just the man. He can do any kind of project any way you want it. Period. I am so thankful I have found this guy.

Michael Caplan One Haven Music; Senior Vice President, A&R, Sony Music Label Group U.S.

I was first introduced to Mark Needham through Lindsey Buckingham over five years ago. Immediately I became aware of Mark's deep knowledge as an engineer, but even more important, his mixing and producing skills. As an artist you can sometimes be too close to your music to make the right decision... Mark (Needham) is a great sounding board for that process. Most of all, I found Mark Needham to be an up front guy who is never afraid to give his honest opinion. For me, this is an incredible asset.

Mick FleetwoodCo-Founder, Fleetwood Mac

Never have I seen a Mix Engineer (like Mark) 'play' the console just as passionately as a musician plays an instrument. Mark Needham is an audio wizard!

Ronnie Vannucci The Killers

He (Mark Needham) knows all the gear; he is also very up to date on the new tech stuff as it develops. If I didn't think he (Mark Needham) was damn good I wouldn't still be working alongside him in a studio. I can honestly say he (Mark Needham) always makes whatever you started out with, sound better than you hoped (it would sound).

Chris IsaakSinger, musician, composer, actor and producer

It is an absolute pleasure working with Mark because, not only do I always end up with an exceptional mix, but the process is always quick and enjoyable. I don't know how Mark does such incredible work so fast, and he is always prepared to do yet another recall to get what the artist and producer wants.

Matt WallaceProducer, mixer, engineer and musician O.A.R. Faith No More, Train, Maroon 5

Mark (Needham) and Will (Brierre) have consistently given us the songs mixed the way we imagined them sounding, while exposing us to what they could sound like, all at once. Mark (Needham) brings our songs to life.

Marc RobergeFounder, lead singer and rhythm guitarist O.A.R. (Of a Revolution)

Mark has the unique ability to enter into the record making process that fulfills multiple needs and provides the answer to a lot of questions. He (Mark Needham) gets the job done. Mark is a terrific person with a tremendous work ethic.

John Rubeli President, Chop Shop Records

I've known Mark for 25 years as engineer, mixer, producer, and friend. Mark is both patient and practical. Patient enough to let musicians and producers experiment and explore in the studio, practical enough to know how to reign them in to keep things under budget. He's supportive, creative, and has a musician's ear for detail. Plus he makes rockin' punchy mixes!

Daniel J. Levitin, Ph.D. Author of "This Is Your Brain on Music"

The band and I became great friends with Mark (Needham) while he co-produced and mixed our debut release. He is a fantastic guy and has musical intuition. Mark (Needham) helped transform my revolutionary new sound into a giant firestorm!

Jarvis AndersonSinger, producer and composer, Iglu & Hartly

Mark (Needham) is a great guy and a great mixer. Absolutely a top engineer that should be on everyone's go-to list!

Scott Austin A&R Executive, Maverick Records

Aside from being an absolute pleasure to work with, Mark's commitment to 'getting it right' and not stopping until we do is one of the many attributes he possesses. He's one of those guys that is pure in talent, pure in intention. I love that.

David Benveniste (Beno) CEO Velvet Hammer Music/Columbia; CEO StreetWise Concepts & Culture; Manager, System of a Down & The Deftones

Mark Needham is like the third producer. Jim and I would sit there and we'd come up with ideas, but Mark would translate everything. And then we would let Mark have free reign on what he wanted to do with stuff, most all the time, in the sense of mixing things together.

Robert Cray Singer, musician and composer

Besides being a great talent, Mark is an absolute pleasure to work with. He becomes part of the team and wants everything to come out right just as much as you do. Mark tries to capture the artist's vision and helps bring it to fruition.

Allison Hagendorf A&R Executive, Epic Records

Mark is one of the best Mix Engineers in the music industry and he is so efficient and an absolute pleasure to work with — he makes my job enjoyable.

Courtney Hard Senior Manager, Artist & Repertoire, Sony BMG Music Entertainment (Australia) PTY Limited

We had a complex project with up to 100 tracks per song. Mark is so fast he had the first three songs mixed before he even knew the band's name! More importantly, we tried several 'name' mix engineers, but only Mark was able to instinctively capture the SOUND we wanted. Great job!

Angelo Montrone Director of A&R, Or Music

He (Mark Needham) gets great sounds in a fraction of the time it takes anyone else.

Jeff Saltzman Producer, The Killers

Mark Needham is a genius.

Justin Tricomi The Republic Tigers

Mark is a hard working professional. His vast experience and creativity allowed us to record a great song!

Adam Tymn VAUX

Mark Needham is simply a pleasure to work with. Skillfully, he finds the right mix of commerciality and credibility that's to the liking of both consumers and critics. Songs end up sounding even more musical and dynamic when he's finished with them. That's truly all that I can ask for.

Nate Yetton A&R Executive, EMI Music, Sparrow/Forefront/ Credential Recordings

...I can't stress enough how amazing Mark (Needham) is to work with.

Pete YornSinger, musician and composer