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Professional Music Producer

Mark is just the man. He can do any kind of project any way you want it. Period. I am so thankful I have found this guy.

Michael CaplanPresident One Haven Music; Senior Vice President, A&R, Sony Music Label Group U.S.

Mark Needham on his style as a Music Producer

"My style as a Music Producer is to expand on an artists existing creativity through arrangement, lyric, and rhythmic or melodic assistance as needed. I don't like to remake or create an artist. Also knowing how to effectively run a session to get the most out of a day, and keeping it stress-free is important to me."

Music Producer Services Include

As a full service, professional music producer, services are offered in Mark's Private Recording Studio or on-site and include music for:

  • Albums, EPs and Singles
  • Movies
  • Television
  • Television Commercials
  • DVDs

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